Sometimes You Have to Close the Book
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Ways To Liven Up What You Read Outside the Covers of a Book

Become Your Favorite
Storybook Character

Storybook Character
Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz)

Storybook Table
Snow Theme

The Alamo
San Antoinio, TX

Laura Ingalls Wilder's
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Five in a Row
Literature Study

Flights of Fancy ~ A wonderful way for your child to actually become a storybook character!  Be sure to request an Imagination Wear Catalog and let your child's imagination soar.
Let your child dress-up like his/her favorite storybook character.  Put on a play!  Parents and grandparents must watch!  Get the video camera to record these first acting attempts and unforgetable moments.
Storybook Table ~ Set-up a table in your home with a seasonal/ holiday/ interest-led theme.  Decorate the table appropriate to the theme and set out accessible books on the table that deal with that theme.
Visit the places you've read about only in books!
Before you head on your trip, do prep study of the places by checking out National Geographic.
Check out Five in a Row's website, message boards, and manuels.  They will give you the how-tos and ideas to get started on learning with literature.

Sometimes You Have to Close the Book