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Contract with Pelican Publishing for middle-grade biography on Rose Wilder Lane
The Lacemaker's Shop (Devotional)
Acadian Agape (Spiritual Geography)
Molasses Disaster (Children's Picture Book)
History in a Nutshell

~ Published Work ~

Columbia (Nov. 1993)
Liguorian (Jan. 1995)
The Family (no longer in publication) (Oct. 1994) ~ 
(April 1995)
Lagniappe Magazine (Jan. 2002)
Homeschooling Today (March-April 2002)~(May-June 2003)~(July-Aug. 2003)
Catholic Exchange --- Seasons (June 19, 2002) and Anointed by Our Annoyances (May 10, 2005)
Southwest Catholic (Pro-Life Corner)
Family Foundations (May-June 2003)
Literature Alive! published by Wise Publications (July 2003)  (book contents)
Literature Editor for Heart & Mind Magazine (Summer 2004-Present Time)
Canticle Magazine (July 2005)
With the Eyes of the Soul published in Sophia Institute Press ~ A Catholic Homeschool Companion (January 2006)
Catholic Mosaic published by Hillside Education (Spring 2006)

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