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What are SOP Library Packets?

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What are *Slice of Pie* Library Packets?

The *Slice of Pie* booklists and library packets  offer a concept of *quarterly storytime* for parents and children. These wonderful picture books will take the busy parent/educator no more than 15-minute increments to sit with the child and read. Some books may be longer but they can be read in intervals of 15-20 minute periods. This is not a new concept to parents who use the Charlotte Mason *twaddle-free* method. This concept is a big part of *Slice of Pie* because it works for busy parents who find they don't have time for lengthy chapter books.

How Does it Work?

The parent and child are supplied with:

Cover Sheet /Instruction Sheet /One pie-shaped child bookmark /One colorful sheet of theme labels/ One Sectioned Pie Chart (cardstock)/ Parent-Friendly Library Checklist/ Order Sheet

These are great to use with unit studies, book studies, author studies, or if your child is interested in a subject and wants to read books pertaining to that subject.  It saves the parent time (and money) because everything is already at the parent's disposal and all the books are found in the library.  The child is left with the reward of a colorful pie chart booklist to insert in his/her library binder to enjoy and show the fruits of the great books he/she has read. 

The parent is supplied with a library checklist of all the books listed in the Slice of Pie library packet. The checklist includes blanks for the parent to note the library code number and to check-off the book when it has been read.

The pie chart is divided into six section (on both front and back of cardstock). As the child reads a book, he/she takes the designated label and places it in a section of the pie chart. When the child has read twelve of the designated books, both sides of the cardstock pie chart will be full and the *pie* is complete.

Parents will notice that there are generally more than twelve books listed on the label sheet and parent checklist. That is because not every library will have all the books on their shelves. If you cannot find some of the books, there are other books listed that can be found. We have also included some extra labels incase the child reads a theme-book that is not found on the supplied list. The title of the book can be written on the label and inserted in a pie wedge.

 Another thing parents will note is that the Slice of Pie booklists are primarily picture book selections. Why is this? House of Literatures on-going vision is to help parents and educators see the value and purpose in good quality picture books. Picture books are the first thing of beauty a child sees from his mothers lap. If looked upon closely, these books are masterpieces and works of art worth learning from and enjoying repeatedly. For parents, educators, and older children they are treasures worth returning to and re- exploring.

*Slice of Pie* booklists are a chance for parents and their children to enjoy great books/enjoyable authors/masterful illustrators together and still cover several educational themes in a year's time. It takes only a small amount of time each day.

*Slice of Pie* was named as such because that's what it is...a slice...a morsel. You are NOT required to eat the whole pie...just a savory wedge!

The concept behind the *Slice of Pie* pie charts are to give children the exposure to some very great authors and illustrators. This exposure is, hopefully, something better than the *twaddle* that contemporary publishing houses offer our youth today.

House of Literature developed these theme-pie charts to familiarize your child with those names they arent familiar with...Patricia MacLachlan, Allen Say, Audrey Wood, Charlotte Zolotow, Paul Galdone, etc. These names should be the Rembrandts, Picassos, and Monets in every home. These are the authors who tempt your appetite as a child for good wholesome literature later in life.

This is primarily a picture book study for the early years (PK-6th), but I have found my junior high aged children listening and enjoying the books just as much. If nothing else, the older students can get a great study in art work, even if they think the books are too juvenile.

It's a habit worth forming...a habit worthy of the classical method of observing short lessons during the primary years. *Slice of Pie* is a SOPping-up or absorbing of good literature.

Some families read gobs of books...they read endlessly. That's great! They've learned the joy of eating the whole pie. These theme-booklists will help families who have difficulty finding the time to read. For other families, these booklists will give you readily available booklists for the rabbit trails your child is eager to follow and explore.

Cay Gibson

~ In-House Librarian ~

~ Visit our Online Library without leaving your Classroom ~

*Slice of Pie* is 2004 copyright of House of Literature/Cay Gibson

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