Catholic Mosaic


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Creator of Catholic Mosaic:

Q:  Where can I get information about Catholic Mosaic?
Q:  How many books make up the Mosaic?
A:  52 children books
Q:  Can I see the booklist?
A:  Here it is:  Catholic Mosaic booklist
Q:  What age is Catholic Mosaic for?
A:  Catholic Mosaic is best suited for PK-5th grade, but older students can benefit from doing the study as well.
Q:  Is there a place where I can read updates and book additions?
A:  Yes, the Catholic Mosaic has a blog.
Q:  Where can I read about other people's experiences and ideas using Catholic Mosaic?


52 children books to observe the liturgical year.

Catholic Mosaic can be ordered from Hillside Education: ( )