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The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas
Rose Wilder Lane
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An Activity for Each Day of December

December 1:     Advent Calendar
December 2:     Bake Cookies
December 3:     Make Christmas Mobile with Christmas Symbols
December 4:     Make a Popsickle Star
December 5:     Elves
December 6:     St. Nicholas
December 7:     Angels
December 8:     Coffee Mug
December 9:     Christmas Bells
December 10:   Santa Claus
December 11:   Christmas Candelier
December 12:   Christmas Candy
December 13:   Stuffed/Candied Dates/Figs/Nuts
December 14:   Gather Berries and Pine Needles
December 15:   Outside Decorations
December 16:   Christmas Wreath/ Mistletoe & Holly
December 17:   Cookie Dough Angels
December 18:   Candles & Christmas Carols
December 19:   Make Christmas Cards
December 20:   Read story of the first Creche & display family creche
December 21:   Decorate Christmas Tree
December 22:   Relax---Enjoy the Christmas Spirit/ Snowflakes
December 23:   Attend a Christmas Play or
                         Watch "A Christmas Carol" or "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV
December 24:   Church Services
                         Light the Christmas Candle
                         Read the Christmas Story
December 25:   Remember the Baby/the King born this Day!

~The Gibson Girls Welcome You~
~To Their Christmas Tea!~

December 1:   Give each child a blank December calendar---each day they are to list something they like about Christmas/ An Advent Calendar with small windows to open is always nice.
Serve pancakes with applesauce and syrup/ hot chocolate
December 2:   Make fun Christmas shapes from cookie dough(snowmen are easy!)
Eat cookies with apple cider.
December 3:   Use construction paper or cardstock or cardboard for Christmas symbols/ Have children create their own or find Christmas symbols in a magazine to cut out/ Hang symbols from a clothes hanger trimmed with Christmas ribbons.
December 4:   Make star out of popsickle sticks/ decorate with gold or silver glitter glue/ Read "This is the Star" by Joyce Dunbar & illustrated by Gary Blythe.
Eat popsickles first!
December 5:   Read the story of "The Elves and the Shoemaker" by Paul Galdone/ Have the children leave their shoes in the hallway or outside their bedroom door for treats and gold coins from St. Nicholas.
Serve a "Poor Man's Stew" with this story!
December 6:   Feast Day of St. Nicholas---Read the true story of the real Saint Nick/Look up St. Nicholas in an encyclopedia and write a one paragraph report on him/ illustrate your report/ Read "The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale" by Aaron Shepard & illustrated by Wendy Edelson.
Bake and decorate gingerbread men
December 7:   Make an angel from an empty tiolet paper roll and cottonballs/ Read "Bright Christmas: An Angel Remembers" by Kate Kiesler.
December 8:   Give your children a holiday mug filled with goodies/ drink hot cocoa or tea while listening to Christmas carols
Add a cinnamon stick to the holiday mug to stir their tea.
December 9:   Make a rope of Christmas bells using a red ribbon and jingle bells/ use for decoration
December 10:  Read "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus---The Classic Edition" by Francis P. Church/Illustrated by Joel Spector
December 11:  Use a wire-mesh 3-tiered fruit basket/ let children fill with beautiful shiny Christmas ornaments  & fruit and chocolates
Serve fruit and cinnamon/sugar toast for breakfast.
December 12:  Make your favorite Christmas candy
December 13:  Make stuffed dates & candid figs & sugared nuts
Enjoy eating them!
Make a spiced fig cake and decorate it with sugared nuts!
December 14:  Select the best-looking berries and pine needles from the woods to use in the Christmas Creche/ Read "Night Tree" by Eve Bunting & do literature-study offered at House of Literature site.
Bake a berry pie!
December 15:  Adorn house and lawn with Christmas decorations and/or take a car drive to see the Christmas lights/ Read "The Miracle of Saint Nicholas" by Gloria Whelan & illustrated by Judith Brown.
December 16:  Decorate the front door with the Christmas wreath/ Decorate the rest of house with mistletoe and holly
December 17:  Make Angel Cookies---sugar cookie dough (large triangle for body/ circle for head/ semi-circles for wings/ Decorate with lovely candy sprinkles.
December 18:  Give each child a special white candle/ Allow them to decorate it with pretty beads and sequins/ Read "The Light of Christmas" by Richard Paul Evans & illustrated by Daniel Craig/ or Read "The Christmas Candle" by Richard Paul Evans & illustrated by Jacob Collins
December 19:  Make Christmas cards and a Christmas banner for the elderly in the nursing home and local shut-ins.
December 20:  Bring out the family creche and read the Christmas story while displaying the creche/ Have the children take turns placing the nativity figures/ Read "The Donkey's Dream" by Barbara Helen Berger.
Make vanilla crepes with jellies/jams/marmalades for filling.
December 21:  Decorate the Christmas Tree/ Read "Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect" by Dick Schneider & illustrated by Elizabeth J. Miles/ Read "The Tale of Three Trees" by Angela Elwell Hunt & illustrated by Tim Jonke.
Serve buttered popcorn and Christmas chocolates!
December 22:  Sing or listen to "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"/ Make snowflake cut-outs for decoration
Serve hamburgers and milk shakes for dinner
December 23:  Attend a Christmas Play or Watch "A Christmas Carol" or "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV.
Serve po-boy sandwiches!
December 24:  Attend church services/
Let each child light his/her Christmas candle
Read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore & illustrated by Tasha Tudor (or your favorite illustrator)
December 25:  Have a Joyful & Blessed Christmas Day!
~ Bon Appetite ~

Let us know what you think of this Christmas Literature Study!