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Vintage Frame & Grace Selections


We use the floral bouquet petals from special occasions and turn them into a framed keepsake for you to cherish always.
Or you may choose for us to make a pre-made floral frame to send as a gift in place of a bouquet.
The choice is yours.

Infant Heriloom Grace ~ guardian angel and baby appliques tucked between flower petals (customized for boy or girl).

Infant Heriloom Grace

Guardian Angel Grace ~ guardian angel tucked between flower petals

Guardian Angel Grace

Kitchen Grace ~ kitchen prayer or saint within frame trimmed with ripe herbs and vegetable seeds
Graduation Grace ~ graduation announcement within frame customized with school colors
Get Well Grace ~ get well prayer card within frame trimmed with flower petals (Give a bouquet of flowers and a get well card all in one package, neither to be thrown away and forgotten but a remembrance of your kind thoughts and prayer forever.)
Ancestral Grace ~ antique frames trimmed with Spanish moss (Perfect setting for old family photos)
Funeral Wreaths ~ customized frame surrounded by with flowers from funeral bouquets and marigold seeds (known as the funeral flower) to house a photo of loved one  (premade frames can also be sent in place of bouquet with a poem of condolence places inside frame)
Recital Grace ~ flowers from dance recitals, piano recitals, etc. adorn these frames
Mother's Day Grace ~ Send your mother a floral keepsake that will last forever
Wedding Grace ~ two gold or silver wedding bands are lovingly tucked into the flower petals taken from the bride's wedding bouquet (will also use wedding confetti if supplied)
Prom/ Homecoming ~ flower petals used from corsage
Sweet 16 Birthday Grace ~ will use red rose petals on cream (or) white frame
Sacramental Grace ~ will use flower petals from bouquets given to child on Baptismal, First Penance, First Communion, Confiration ceremonies.
(Baptismals will have tiny seashell tucked between flower petals.)
(First Penances will have small cross tucked between flower petals.)
(First Communions will have small chalice tucked between flower petals.)
(Confirmations will have small dove tucked between flower petals.)
Bridal/ Baby Shower Grace ~ flower petals used from corsage
Anniversary Grace ~ flower petals used from bouquet or send a premade floral frame to your loved one.


Watch for Garden of Saints Coming Soon!

Frames customized to your specifications.
Choose frames in wood, cream, gold, rose red, silver, or black.