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Vintage Frames


We happily rescue precious floras and replant them onto a frame so they will last a lifetime.  Your vintage flowers trim your hand-picked frame (chosen by you or supplied by us). We add personalized vintage touches to trim the frame. 


By preserving your bouquet, you will have a garden full of memories that will last forever.  We preserve your flowers in a way that can be on display for you to cherish always and for everyone to admire.


View Graces Here


Heirloom Floral Frame


Garden of Saints


Kitchen Grace


Ancestral Grace


Anniversary Grace


Wedding Grace


Infant Heriloom Grace


Graduation Grace


Get Well Grace


Kitchen Grace


Recital Grace


Mother's Day Grace


Prom/Homecoming Grace


Sweet 16 Birthday Grace


Sacramental Grace


Funeral Wreath


Guardian Angel Grace


 View all Vintage Garden Grace Selections here .


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