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New York, New York! Here We Come!
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Prep Information

Get your plane tickets now!  Flight to New York City leaves Wed., June 1st!

Locate the closest airport near your home town.

Have your child go to this site:
and select the New York airport destination of his/her choice.

Go to this link (I found it easy to use and it provides the code sheet for your airport):
and have your child key in the city he's leaving and New York, NY for city going "to".
Also, key in Round-Trip, Economy flight the day you plan to leave and the day you plan to return.

Book a Flight:

Have your child figure how many miles it will be from his Leaving City to New York City.
How much will the air flight cost?

Go here to see how to get from airport to Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  (Print this sheet to go into file folder)
Have your child figure how many miles it will take the taxi to get from airport to Museum.
How much will the taxi cab cost?
For more inquisitive children, have them figure if it would be cheaper to catch a ride on the bus, train, or subway.
Don't forget about the rental car option.

Put all this information and research into your file folder, along with your ticket found at:


(Note to Parents):
This is a "reading" trip.  The posts, skills, and links are to allow your children the knowledge and familiarity of planning for a trip and figuring up costs and logistics.  A "reading trip" requires no expense to the parent except for the purchase of the book "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler."

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