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Tea Time!

Take a Seat & Refresh Yourself

Check back soon for *Coffee Time*


Favorite Teas (these teas are naturally sweet so they make

good tries when doing *tea time* with your children.

(*tea-themed* coloring book pages for your children during tea time 
 are available
_____     Peppermint Tea
                                                      _____     Lady Grey
                                                      _____     Earl Grey
                                                      _____     Prince of Wales by Twinings
                                                      _____     Twinings Blackcurrant Tea
                                                      ____      Twinings Prince of Wales
                                                      _____     Africian Nectar by Mighty Teas 
                                                      _____     Madagascar Vanilla Tea by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      _____     Jasmine Green Tea
                                                      _____     Rooibos Tea (red tea)
                                                      _____     Tazo Chai Tea
                                                      _____     Rasberry Zinger
                                                      _____     Good Earth's Original
                                                      _____     Vanilla Almond by Bigelow
                                                      _____     Licorice Tea
                                                      _____     Japanese Ice Tea
                                                      _____     Cranberry Apple by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      _____     Cinnamon Apple Spice by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      _____     Paradise Blend
                                                      _____     Roastaroma
                                                      ____      Camomile Citrus
                                                      ____      Sleepy Time by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      ____      Mandarin Orange Spice also by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      ____      Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings
                                                      ____      Roibusch Tea
                                                      ____      Yogi Tea  
                                                      Tea Brands:
                                                      Celestial Seasonings (
                                                      Mighty Teas (
                                                      Twinings (
                                                      Special Teas (
                                                      Bigelow Tea (
                                                      Added natural sweetners:
                                                      Vanilla flavoring/ extract
                                                      Half & Half
                                                      Mint Leaves
                                                      Maple Syrup
                                                      Tea Friendly Books for Children:
                                                      Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk
                                                      The Best Tea Party Ever (Jewel Sticker Story) by Sonali Fry
                                                      My Very First Tea Party by Michal Sparks
                                                      Angelina's Tea Party: An Activity Book by Katharine Holabird/ Judy Pelikan
                                                      Let's Have a Tea Party by Emilie Barnes/ Michal Sparks
                                                      Saturdays and Tea Cakes by Lester Laminack/ Chris Soentpiet
                                                      Almond Cookies and Dragon Well Tea by Cynthia Chin-Lee/ You Shan Tang
                                                      How to Host a Flower Fairy Tea Party by Cecily Mary Barker
                                                      Tea for Me, Tea for You by Laura Radar
                                                      Emily's Tea Party (Sticker Book) by Claire Masurel/ Susan Calitri
                                                      Tea Party for Two by Michelle Poploff/ Maryann Cocca-Leffler
                                                      Come to My Tea Party by Sandy Lynam Clough
                                                      Taking Tea with Alice by Diane Sedo/ Dawn Hylton Gottlieb
                                                      Raggedy Ann's Tea Party Book by Elizabeth Silbaugh/ Laura Francesca Filippucci
                                                      Teatime with Emma Buttersnap by Lindsey Tate/ Linda Bronson
                                                      Let's Have Tea Together (Holly Pond Hill) by Susan Wheeler/ Paul Kortepeter
                                                      Boston Tea Party by Pamela Duncan Edwards/ Henry Cole
                                                      Art Study:
                                                      Boston Tea Parties Recipes from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
                                                      Tea Ideas & Activities:
                                                      Have a Chinese-themed tea party
                                                      Have an Alice in Wonderful Mad-Hatter's Tea Party
                                                      Study the Boston Tea Party (Why did they dump all that tea in the harbor?)
                                                      Read about Anne Shirley and her friend Diana's tea in *Anne of Green Gable*
                                                      Chapter XVI "Diana Is Invited to Tea w/ Tragic Results"
                                                      Basic guidelines for tea preparation ( by Valerie Reiss ): 
                                                      Use a steel or glass kettle. 
                                                      Fill with fresh, cold water. 
                                                      Let it reach a rolling boil, unless you're making green tea, 
                                                      in which case the water should be cooled for a minute or two 
                                                      after boiling. 
                                                      If you're making a whole pot, add a teabag for each person plus 
                                                      "one for the pot."
                                                      Never reheat tea; it gets bitter. 
                                                      Steep for about four minutes (a minute or two less for green tea). 
                                                      Taste before you sweeten. You may find that the tea is good as is. 
                                                      If not, try a tablespoon of honey. 

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