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Least We Forget (4th of July/ Sept-11)

Rose Wilder Lane
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Patriotic Booklist

4th of July
*The Fourth of July Story
by Alice Dalgliesh (Author), Marie Nonnast (Illustrator)
*A Fourth of July on the Plains
by Jean Van Leeuwen, Henri Sorensen (Photographer)
*Happy Birthday, America!
by Marsha Wilson Chall (Author), Guy Porfirio (Illustrator)
*Happy Birthday, America
by Mary Pope Osborne, Peter Catalanotto (Illustrator)


*The Story of the Statue of Liberty
by Betsy Maestro (Author), Giulio Maestro (Illustrator)
*Purple Mountain Majesties: The Story of Katharine Lee Bates and America the Beautiful,  by Barbara Younger/ Stacey Schuett
*This Land Is Your Land
by Kathy Jakobsen (Illustrator), Woody Guthrie (Author)
*The Star-Spangled Banner
by Peter Spier (Author)
*On the Day the Tall Ships Sailed
by Betty Paraskevas, Michael Paraskevas (Illustrator)
*America : A Patriotic Primer
by Lynne Cheney (Author), Robin Preiss Glasser (Illustrator)
*God Bless America
by Irving Berlin (Author), Lynn Munsinger (Illustrator)
*America the Beautiful
by Katharine Lee Bates, Neil Waldman (Illustrator)
*The Flag We Love
by Pam Munoz Ryan, Ralph Masiello (Illustrator)
*Red, White and Blue: The Story of the American Flag
by John Herman, Robin Roraback (Illustrator)
*Betsy Ross
by Alexandra Wallner (Illustrator)
*America Is...
by Stacey Schuett (Illustrator), Louise Borden (Author)
*A is for America
by Devin Scillian, Pam Carroll (Illustrator)
*One Nation: America by the Numbers
by Devin Scillian, Pam Carroll (Illustrator)
*The Story of the White House (Blue Ribbon Book)
by Kate Waters
*I Pledge Allegiance (On My Own History)
by June Swanson, Rick Hanson (Illustrator), Ricj Hanson (Illustrator) 
*Statue of Liberty
by Lucille Rech Penner (Author) Jada Rowland (Illus.)
*We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States
by David Catrow
September 11th

*The Man Who Walked Between The Towers
by Mordicai Gerstein
*September 11, 2001: A Simple Account for Children
by Nancy Poffenberger, Val Gottesman
*New York's Bravest
by Steve Johnson (Illustrator), Lou Fancher (Illustrator), Mary Pope Osborne (Author)
*Frankie Wonders ... What Happened Today?
by Yvonne Conte
*Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey
by Maira Kalman