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How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
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Five in a Row Plans "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World"

* Parents Needed for marked activities

* Sign Folders... distribute literature folders and travel passports ( )

* Guessing Game (Apple/ Pie/ Cinnamon Smell) (When they guess apple and/or pie/cinnamon,they go to hand painting)

* Hand Painting (Side of hand dipped in brown paint for tree, thumb in green paint for leaves, pinkie finger in red paint for apples)

* Hand washing

Sit down - "buckle up your seatbelts (We're going on a trip around the world)"

Ask where everyone would like to travel if they could go anywhere in the world...write locations on pieces of paper to select from later

Seven Elements of a Story- go over them and have children write 1st one (Characters) on folder page 1 (spider web)

Story Time - Have volunteer use miniature boat, plane, bicycle for traveling to locations on wall map

Children place star stickers on their folder maps (page 2) while listening to story

Italy: Foods Italy is famous for - pizza, spaghetti

France: notice Paris sign on train, Eiffel Tower in background, bicycle is common transportation

Sri Lanka: pear-shaped island...have children pronounce name, cinnamon comes from rainforest tree (find Mexico on map ---largest importer of cinnamon)

England: Notice cottages with flowers and the castle...represents the good manners in England known for its royalty (kings and queens) and tea time

Jamaica: Bananas grow in Jamaica along with sugar cane...reason for banana boat

Vermont: Where in the US do they grow apples besides Vermont? (Washington State/Oregon/ Michigan)

Fall (or autumn) is harvest time for apple picking

Followed by book discussion

Memory Game - have children do pantomime for modes of transportation...use laminated cards found at

What can be made with apples ~ go over apple items---(pie, cider, jelly, etc.)

Go over apple sayings

Go over medicinal purposes of apples and cinnamon

Read facts sheet about Johnny Appleseed
(Johnny Appleseed's birthday is September 26th)

Johnny Appleseed book

Compass page

Do fractions with apples (set green apple slices, yellow slices and red slices separately)

Go over pictures and flag of Sri Lanka ~ Show lamanated pictures of this country's scenery and in country folder (have children repeat this country's name) ( pass around a cinnamon stick to feel and smell)

* Measurement and Chemistry ( cup applesauce cup cinnamon--- Mold into shapes)

* Apple Taste Test
* Apple Prints

* Discuss egg carrying (give out eggs in sandwich baggie to take home...see how long they last without breaking)

Put country stamps on passports

* Collect folders & passports/ Distribute handmade apple trees/Give out apple poem to bring to Mom

Have a drawing for the next country trip

* Measure out apple juice /apple newtons