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Cranberry Thanksgiving
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by  Wende & Harry Devlin

Read "Cranberry Thanksgiving"

Have everyone try a cranberry ~ mention that they grow on an evergreen bush

(Taken from FIAR Vol. I book):
Setting ~ first page of story
Conflict ~ someone is trying to steal recipe
Rising Action ~ who is the thief?
Climax ~ "It's Mr. Horace!"
Denouement (Falling Action) ~ when Grandmother throws Mr. Horace out, forgives him, and offers him pie
Simile ~ comparison of two unlike things (like, as)

At end of story:
Discuss how Mr. Horace is not what he appears to be ~ He is a thief.
Compare/Contrast Mr. Horace & Mr. Whiskers
What does Thanksgiving mean to you?
What are you thankful for?

Starched handkerchief example
Starch experiment with Iodine and food samples
Chemical reaction experiment with orange juice, lemon juice, vinegar, milk, and baking soda

String cranberries and popcorn on thread to put around neck and bring outside to hang in tree for birds, squirrels
Scripture quote Hebrews 13:16

Make Cranberry bread mix ~ recipe found in back of book
Enjoy Cranberry Muffins


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