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The Freedom Behind Educational Pursuits

Educational Pursuits

We came to a realization in our children's lives (and in our own) that education is something that happens continuously in our lives.  It is not something that takes place 12 plus years in a classroom.  Home education is a way of life and it is not for the weak and unmotivated.   Contrary to popular belief, home educators do not stay in the 4 walls of a house and keep their children from experiencing the outside world.  Home education is freeing.  It is a rapidly growing educational pursuit that envelopes a lifestyle of learning in the real world.  Here is a sample of our educational experience:
Area Groups We Learn With:
Correspondence School:
Partner in Education:
C.A.M.P. Ed.  & Kristi Fontenot
Kristi offers her background knowledge and expertise in a coursework especially formulated for homeschoolers...Happy Campers.
(Kristi generously comes to our co-op days and is available for tutoring services, classes for high schoolers & lower grade levels.  She also offers a monthly nature class, diagnostic services, LEAP prep, reading assessment, screening, testing)
Methods We Follow:
Living Books Education via MacBeth's Opinion
Classes We Take at Co-op:
Book Club
Shurley English/ Math Jingles
Ancient History
Field Trips We've Enjoyed:
Clubs and Organizations We Participate in:
Home Runners Track Team
Golf Team ~ (when the boys get asked why they aren't in school, they tell the old golfers "We homeschool.  This is our P.E. hour." )
Book Club
Front and Center Dance Studio
Outdoor Learning:
Area State Park (offers weekly nature activities)
Niblett's Bluff (site of Civil War skirmish)
Our Own Backyard
~ Pictures and Children's Narrations Coming Soon! ~
~ Check back! ~

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