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Obsessed Book Collectors Anonymous

OBCA (Obsessed Book Collectors Anonymous)

I don't know about you all, but when I see posts of book recommendations, my mouth starts watering, my heart quickens a little, I just get so excited to see the wonderful books out there waiting for me to own! But, the cycle could get a little out of control, I mean there are so many great books aren't there? Any tips from the obsessed book buyers on how you've managed to curb your appetite a bit? Perhaps I need to start an OBCA (Obsessed-book-collectors-anonymous) for accountability. How do you all decide on what are must haves and what are maybe later. I always need to remind myself that those particular books that I think I'll love will always be for sale by someone somewhere thanks to the internet.

For me, I think it is my desire for Heaven on earth, that longing in my heart to be home with the Father, that draws me to wanting to possess beautiful things like great books, music, even land! You know when you drive out into the country and you get that awe-inspiring feeling deep down that makes you think you would love to live there. It's the never-ending grasp for Heaven which will never be truly satisfied until that day. And, with books that elevate you, it's probably that same longing for Home.

Just a thought...
~ Krista English ~An Obsessed Book Collector

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